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The FHWA Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty and Office of Infrastructure have updated the HEPGIS website. HEPGIS is an Interactive Web Geographic Information System map viewer that allows users to locate and zoom-in to a geographic area of interest, create maps showing various geographic features and themes, and view the metric data for the interstate pavement condition performance measures. The HEPGIS website also has tabular capabilities to retrieve, sort, print, download and email geo-spatial data for these metrics. The source for the data are the metric data submitted by State DOTS to the Highway Performance Monitoring System.

This new HEPGIS metric map is housed under the “Performance Metrics” tab of the HEPGIS website. Under the “Performance Metrics” tab, is labeled “PM2 Interstate Pavement Condition 2018.”

If you have any question about the HEPGIS website, please contact the HEPGIS Manager Supin.Yoder@dot.gov. If you have any questions about Transportation Performance Management, please contact Susanna.Reck@dot.gov or visit www.fhwa.dot.gov/tpm.

HEPGIS Map Website

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