The MPO Boundary Map defines the Laredo & Webb County Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (LWCAMPO) Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), i.e. the designated political boundary of an MPO. The MPA encompasses the population of all Urbanized Areas (UZAs) within its border.

LWCAMPO is the federally designated MPO to develop and implement the 3-C planning process for the Laredo Urban area. The Laredo Urbanized Area, as determined by the 2010 Census, has surpassed 200,000 in population and was designated a Transportation Management Area (TMA) effective July 18, 2012. 

  • The current MPA extends to the city limits of the City of Laredo, the City of Rio Bravo as well as portions of the County of Webb
  • The TMA is currently designated as an attainment area for the purpose of compliance with the Clean Air Act.

For more information on LWCAMPO’s role in the transportation planning process, visit the About the MPO page. 

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