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Active Transportation Committee

The Active Transportation Committee is the body of the MPO responsible for improving and promoting active modes of mobility, in the MPO study area, by monitoring the implementation of the Laredo Webb County Active Transportation Plan and providing recommendations on MPO active transportation related activities to the Policy Committee.

The responsibilities of the Active Transportation Committee shall include the following: 

  1.  Monitor the implementation of the Laredo and Webb County Active
     Transportation Plan
  2.  Recommend active transportation related planning studies to be   conducted
  3.  Provide recommendations to the MPO Policy Committee regarding   active transportation planning activities
  4.  Advise the MPO Policy Committee on active transportation related   technical and policy issues
  5.  Explore and recommend funding options and opportunities for active
     transportation related projects
  6.  Promote community outreach efforts such as bicycle and pedestrian   safety campaigns and educational programs

Active Transportation Plan

NHTSA Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Fatalities

Pedestrians Killed in Traffic Crashes in 2020

Source: FHWA

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