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MPO Work Plan

MPO Work Plan

The MPO Work Plan is a document which the MPO staff utilizes to outline the steps needed to achieve the objectives of various active and future projects. It is a project management plan by another name, meant to help plan and prioritize staff time as well as measure and report progress to the public.

The Work Plan is embedded below, but can also be viewed in its own window. It is essentially a series of spreadsheets, with the first spreadsheet serving as an overview for all major projects and plans being undertaken by the MPO. A timeline dividing the current and future years into yearly quarters shows the scheduling of each project. Active projects are those which staff are currently working on.

At the bottom of the workplan is a series of tabs, each of which correlate with a specific project. By selecting each tab, a more detailed project plan will be presented which shows the list of tasks, milestones, and assignments needed to accomplish each project. 

The Laredo & Webb County Area MPO is committed to being a partner with the region and its residents. Not only does the Work Plan assist staff in accomplishing their work, but it also allows the public to better understand and be engaged in the work of the MPO. It is a living document and is reviewed and updated daily.

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